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Proofreading of texts for publication in Italian, English and German

For me, correcting texts is more an impulse than a job, an activity as natural as breathing. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my mother was a primary school teacher, and as children, she would involve me and my twin sister in correcting written work done in class. As we grew up, the topics and texts to be corrected changed and evolved, and I realised that clear, correct and cleanly-written language is a sign of infinite affection and respect for one of our most important tools of communication and, consequently, for the recipients of the texts in question.

  • Marketing for the publishing sector
  • Architecture and design
  • Photography
  • Degree theses and academic texts

During a master’s course in Scotland I sent Monica numerous essays, papers and dissertations to be edited before handing them in for assessment. These were quite lengthy, technical texts. Monica revised each one of them in detail, correcting errors and suggesting ways to reorganise sentences so as to make them clearer for the reader. I often asked her for a very tight turnaround, but she always managed to return the edited work to me on time.
Result: perfect papers and a completed master’s degree!

Anna Sartorelli, University student now graduated

During my years of activity in Italy, in several occasions I had the pleasure to work with Monica Mereghetti. Sometimes only on short texts, other times on a whole book, but it has always been a pleasure to observe how accurate she is.

Monica followed publishing projects, exhibitions and conference cycles on themes like architecture, landscape and design, both in English and in other languages. The extent to which linguistic precision and cultural sensitivity come together in Monica, underlines the fact that culture and language mutually define each other and that one is not possible without the other.

The way Monica deals with each text, with a combination of curiosity and respect, is surely based on her interest for the Other and others and it is a behaviour I consider to be essential for our time, not only on a professional level.

Stephan Jung, Architect - University lecturer and Author