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Translation and revision of texts from English and German to Italian

Translating a text means overcoming obstacles and barriers to communication, making a company and its products understandable, and thus accessible, in a new market area and to new potential customers.

I particularly translate:

  • Websites
  • Company presentations
  • Marketing and communication
  • Photography
  • Design, architecture and art

The corporate languages for our group are English and German. In order to clearly convey the sense of the key messages in our communications to Italian speakers, we need a precise, professional translation. Monica Mereghetti shows all the professionalism and sensitivity required, and by working with her we are certain of maintaining our professional image in Italian. Thank you, Monica.

Davide Di Marzo, General Manager – Bossard Italia S.r.l.

Monica is attentive and willing, punctual in delivery and adaptable when objectives are changed for projects under way. Her translations are accurate, and combine technical language with a flowing style.

Martina Frattolillo, Marketing Shapes Division – Ensinger Italia S.r.l.